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Welcome to the BlackRock Alumni Network

Join our community to connect with fellow alumni, gain access to exclusive content and events, and remain a part of One BlackRock.

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Reconnect with former colleagues and explore networking opportunities with fellow alumni who have joined our community.

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Discover global career opportunities to rejoin the BlackRock community.

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Stay up to date on how BlackRock is living our purpose of helping more and more people experience financial well-being.

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I am extremely grateful to all of our former colleagues who have contributed to making BlackRock what it is today. Our investment in our people continues with the BlackRock Alumni Network, which enables our alumni to connect with the firm and each other, explore opportunities for career development and learn more about how we continue to live our purpose every day.

- Larry Fink

Chairman and CEO, BlackRock

Meet a few of our alumni and boomerang employees

Jennifer Grancio

CEO, Engine No.1

Time at BlackRock: 19 years

Michelle Tran

Co-Founder, NYC Fintech Women

Time at BlackRock: 7 years

Suanjin Tan

Portfolio Manager, Singapore

Returned to BlackRock after 5 years

Ignacio Blanch

Head of Research and Innovation for Systematic Fixed Income

Returned to BlackRock after 4 years


    Interested in coming back to BlackRock as a boomerang?

    Boomerangs are employees who left BlackRock in the past and came back to join us as One BlackRock.

    Check out additional opportunities within the alumni portal.

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